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Swat Chat Room – Online free Chat

Welcome to Swat Live FM Chat room & HHB Chat, this is family chat room, you all can make friends here, invite your friends and family because its totally safe to chat and make friends.

Our chat room is fully secured, we always keep it upto date, also our admins are online 24/7 to protect you and support you.

our chat room is for all over the world (over all chat), you can make friends from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, USA, Uk, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more countries.

We have Live FM Radio in our chat room, if you wish to become RJ or DJ you can contact us on [email protected], also if you wish to listen live music and your favorite music you can send request to one of our RJ and DJ on air on radio they can play it for you.

this chat room specially design for youngster, we request you all (Girls and Boys) to keep conversation clean.

Chat Room Rules

  1. Linking are not allowed in chat room.
  2. dont try to take user away from us to another chat room.
  3. abusers will get ban without any notice.
  4. bad words are totally filtered.

Admin Step

⚙⚙⚙⚙ Welcome to Adminship ⚙⚙⚙⚙
Note The Following Admins Rules
✔ Every Admin have their own responsibilities and should take care of it.
✔ Each n every admin is responsible for promotions and Rjs show postings
✔ Admins should make Rjs to post their postings on HHB Chat Group and they should share the Rjs show postings in our official page
✔ Admins has the right to cancel late coming Rjs shows
✔ Admin can request any available Rj on the spot to do the show
✔ Its humble request to all Admins to not to play with their nicks while they are on Power
✔ If you find any empty slots or Rjs miss their shows then Admins must make sure to fill those slots
✔ All admin must give their Maximum time to chatroom
✔ Admins should maintain attendance list of Rjs whenever they are presentin chatroom
✔ Admins who are available in chat room should give Rj sign to the current Rj and Next Rj.

♪♪♪♪ Welcome to Radio club ♪♪♪♪
Follow The Below Rules
⍟ Rj’s must follow the Time Table
⍟ Do not connect during another Rj is On-Air
⍟ Update Your Show timing and ask for Show Poster to Rj Head
⍟ If any Rj Can’t do show on his/her schedule timing they must have to inform Rj Head 3 hours before your show timing.
⍟ Dj’s are strictly bound to do their shows on specific timing as they provide on schedule
⍟ Admins can cancel your show if you are not on time
⍟ If you are having issues with Radio Settings, you can contact to RJ HEAD is Swat Live FM

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